StL Music Talks
Encouraging communication, movement, and social skills through music.
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StL Music Talks

Music Talks is a social group for young children of all abilities with an emphasis on learning language through music. Children aged 1 to 4 can enroll in 4-6 week sessions to participate in interactive language and social learning activities including songs, instruments, movement, crafts and sensory play. Groups meet weekly on Saturdays in the St. Louis area and are facilitated by Nicole Schmitt, Board Certified Music Therapist and Anna Bembower, ASHA Certified Speech/Language Pathologist.


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Through music we will target:
Peer Interactions
Making Choices
Expanding Vocabulary

Music Talks targets skills for children of all abilities and group activities will be differentiated for each child’s strengths and needs.

Where We Are
StL Music Talks current sessions are located in south St. Louis City. Enroll now for more details!
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